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How many of you enjoy the superhero movies as much as I do? Whether you enjoy them or not, the fact remains that each and every one of us has a super power too. Most of us just don’t realize it. What is our super power super strength?


Our brain works in very predictable ways, according to a system and whose primary job is survival. Our subconscious mind records everything we have ever experienced from the moment we slide out of our mothers womb to the day we take our last breath. But, our conscious mind can only process through present awareness, a fraction of a percent of that information.
Of all of the information available to us in any given moment, who decides what registers on our radar to become what we experience as reality?

We do!

The brain will always do what we ask it to do. What we pay attention to and what we think about becomes a set of instructions to our brain. Those images on the screen of our minds communicate to the Reticular Activating System their importance, especially if they are repetitive.  So, the brain gets busy scanning our environment for external data that matches the images of our thoughts and attention.

Whenever we think more about what we don’t have or can’t do than about what we do have or can do, we create a gap between what we have and what we want. You can eliminate this source of stress by not using a lack of money to justify your unhappiness or boredom. If you put more attention on what you can do than on what you can’t do, you’re going to have a lot more fun. (Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff)

When you focus on the absence of what you want, you get more absence. The gap grows wider.  When you focus on the presence of what you want and what you have, your awareness of the presence of your desires grows. Consciously direct your attention and you will truly begin to create a life fit for a superhero!

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Take Charge Of The New Year

You can change your world simply by changing the way you feel inside. It’s an inside job! Here are some steps on exactly how to begin consciously creating the life  you prefer:

  1. Imagine and envision a clear picture of what it is that you desire.
  2. Match the vibration of that desire by experiencing the emotions you would be feeling if you were to already exist in that reality.
  3. Act. Behave as if you know what you’ve imagined to already be true. Project the confidence, wear the clothes and walk the walk.
  4. Persevere. There will be a period of time where what you imagine on the inside may not match what you see on the outside. However, if you persevere in spite of the contradiction, you will find in due time, the external world beginning to match your internal vision.

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