Our Approach

Psychological and Emotional Wellness

Tharwat Lovett, MAP offers individuals professional guidance through challenging life moments or significant life changes. Life is growth and growth is not always easy, especially when we are having a difficult time gleaning the value from our challenges. This is where the approach implemented by Tharwat can help. She offers the emotional support necessary to comfort you through life transitions and help guide your perspective toward the value and transcendence of certain life experiences.

Tharwat uses methods that are safe, positive and confidential in nature.  Her methods are an alternative to more traditional forms of therapy with emphasis placed less on diagnosing psychological disorder and placed more on promoting psychological and emotional wellness. She uses a variety of techniques, including talk therapy, in which the client, alongside Tharwat, may discover the inception of maladaptive ideas or beliefs, humanistic therapy that identifies mental and emotional blocks that may be holding the client back and cognitive therapy that helps build perspective and strengthens the client’s ability to cognitively reframe.

“In my practice, I focus less on a diagnosis of what is wrong and more on an emphasis of what is right in life. I aim to help each client work through the challenges they present in session by offering them a more manageable alternative way of perceiving their problems.”

Tharwat Lovett, MAP