Keyword: Thoughts

Everything we desire is right in front of us but we are unable to see it if our brain doesn’t have the program to perceive its existence. We possess the power to install the very program that’s needed to make what we desire a part of our reality. Thoughts are key. They leave imprints on our mind. When we are not getting what we want in life it is likely due to a lack of focused attention toward our desire.

Imagine that the subconscious mind is like a computer search engine that has the access to fetch any piece of data that exists on the internet. It’s important to note, the internet is infinite in nature. It is constantly expanding. It has infinite memory. It is also where all data is stored and can be accessed as long as we are providing the correct keywords. The internet does not exist inside the computer. The computer is simply a tool by which we can interact with and access the internet. Consciousness is very much the same.   

The subconscious is the search engine,
thoughts are the keywords,
brain is the hardware
and mind is the user.

All information that is available on the internet is available to us. Limited access to information happens not because there is some force outside of us that is restricting availability. Limited access is the result of limiting beliefs, limited focus, undisciplined attention and quite simply a lack of understanding exactly how the machine called consciousness works.

So, what is it that you desire most in the world? Intentionally choose the thoughts that support this desire and you will begin the process, through persistence and repetition, of installing the program that will allow you to perceive its existence. When we control our own attention, direct our own thoughts and choose our own actions we become the chief programmers of our lives.