Are you stuck in “should?”

Are you stuck in “should”? Do you feel like something’s missing?
Do you tell yourself:

**I should be happy
**I should have lost the weight by now
**I should be married by now
**I should have had children by now
**I should be more successful by now

Should is one of the most toxic words in the English language. If you are really paying attention to your inner dialogue, how many times a day, an hour, a minute do you use this word?

Think about the role language plays in human existence. We have feelings and see images on the screens of our minds that we experience internally and privately. Others cannot feel and see what we see so we use language to approximate and communicate the essence of what we are experiencing. We load words with energy, emotion and images that we wish to convey to another person in an attempt to invite them to understand our unique, internal experiences. We also use these words internally to process life.

Every word carries implied energy. In addition, these energetic implications can vary from person to person depending on our unique history with the word. The word “should” implies expectation—expectations that we are placing on ourselves or that others have placed on us. It takes us out of the present moment, generates anxiety and can lead to feelings of disempowerment.

Life is not made to be lived in the “shoulds”. This word zaps our energy, invokes feelings of guilt and shame, and takes away all of our motivation. Together, we can uncover what YOU want from your one and only life….not what society has told you you “should” desire. As your life coach, I will walk alongside you to give you the keys to unlock a life of fulfillment, purpose, and confidence.