Who’s in Charge?

Human assumption is that we are in full control of not only our day but our lives. Reality suggests, however, that this may not actually be the case. The human design is a fascinating one. When we take a deep look into the psychology of the mind, emotions and human consciousness, we find the most brilliant of all smart, organic technologies. To truly take control of our lives, there are a few systems we must understand.

#1 – Mind

Where attention goes energy flows.

1. Mind. Where attention goes energy flows. Our superpower as human beings is our attention. We possess the ability to harness and wield powerful forces of energy through the direction of our attention and ability to focus. The Jedi force is within and how we access it is through focused attention.

#2 – Emotions

Emotions are the biochemical consequence
of the thoughts we are thinking.

Emotions are the biochemical consequence of the thoughts we are thinking. The thoughts we think, the stories we tell, and the truths and lies we believe, not only are the result of practiced attention but also trigger the conversion of electrical energy to chemical energy in our body that we then experience as emotions, moods or feelings. It is important to understand we have the ability to actively influence our emotional output by minding our mental input.

#3 – Consciousness

There are levels of awareness we must be familiar with.

3. Consciousness. There are levels of awareness we must be familiar with to truly take charge of our lives. Conscious awareness is our awareness of self and the world around us in real, present moment time. Ego awareness is the awareness of ourselves as identified by the voices and emotions within that are separate from the external world and whose primary focus is preservation and survival. Subconscious awareness is the neuro and bio supercomputer technology that is our body, specifically our nervous system that can take in massive amounts of information at the level of energy, has infinite memory and operates beyond time in past, present and future simultaneously. The subconscious is what builds our reality, the conscious is what directs our reality and the ego is what experiences reality.

Understanding the basic operating systems of human psychology serves to empower us. When our conscious mind is not actively directing our reality in the present moment due to its preoccupation with the past or future, the subconscious programs kick in and take charge. The problem with this is that the subconscious is limited to experiencing only what it has known in the past and the ego loves this because what is known is safe. This means our past is directing our future unless we actively engage our attention in the present.

So, to truly take control of our lives we consciously decide what to pay attention to in the present moment, carefully selecting our thoughts and gently guiding our focus toward those things that make us feel good.