Looking Into The Mirror of Relationships

​Let’s take inventory of our relationships. Relationships reveal so much about us. We are the vibrational average of the five people we spend the most time with. Therefore, our relationships are very much a mirror reflecting back to us our beliefs, our mindset and our self-image.

Quote from Tharwat Lovett, Life Coach: Our relationships are a mirror reflecting back to us our beliefs, our mindset and our self-image.

​As individuals and as a collective, we project beliefs, attitudes, behavior and expectations into our relationships and onto the world. These projections influence our life experiences. A mindset is a set of attitudes or beliefs held by someone. If reality is a mirror, then it is our mindset that is the key to changing our lives, improving our self-image and healing our relationships. To shift, we must gently and with grace train our attention toward the data that will build the beliefs, attitudes and behaviors that lead to changes in what we project. We can use the information available to us from the reflections of our relationships to help us shift.

Image of a mirror reflecting the sky with a quote from Tharwat Lovett, life coach in Little Rock, Arkansas.

The world acting as our mirror, will always reflect back to us what we have projected onto it. While standing in front of a mirror, do we lock horns with our frowning reflection demanding that it smile at us first before we agree to smile back? This is futile! Most of us understand that if we wish the reflection in the mirror to smile at us, we must choose to first smile into the mirror.

Woman reaching out for help, reflected in water with clouds overhead, illustrating a quote by Life Coach Tharwat Lovett in Little Rock, Arkansas.

How we treat ourselves informs others, the mirror reflections of aspects of ourselves, how to relate to us. If I am judgmental of myself, I will be judgmental of you and you in turn will be judgmental of me, hence the frown. If I am compassionate toward myself, I will be compassionate toward you and you in turn will be compassionate toward me, making it easier to smile.

We can only see without what we are able to see within. We can only feel without what we are able to feel within. Allowing our imagination to consider this, we enable ourselves to take ownership of what we project. This is where the real power to shift lays.

"We can only see without what we are able to see within" - quote from Tharwat Lovett, life coach, illustrated by an image of a mirror reflecting the sky.

Creating the Perfect 2017

Want to take charge of the new year? You can change your world simply by changing the way you feel inside. It’s an inside job! Here are some steps on exactly how to begin consciously creating the 2017 you prefer:

  1. Imagine and envision a clear picture of what it is that you desire.
  2. Match the vibration of that desire by experiencing the emotions you would be feeling if you were to already exist in that reality.
  3. Act. Behave as if you know what you’ve imagined to already be true. Project the confidence, wear the clothes and walk the walk.
  4. Persevere. There will be a period of time where what you imagine on the inside may not match what you see on the outside. However, if you persevere in spite of the contradiction, you will find in due time, the external world beginning to match your internal vision.