What's the key to success? Love. A blog post by Tharwat Lovett, emotional and wellness coach, from July 2020.

What is the key to success? LOVE.

If you wish to be a good parent, love your children.

If you wish to have a successful career, love your work.

If you wish to live your life to its fullest potential, love every moment of it.

If you wish to fulfill your life’s purpose, love who you are.

If you wish to be surrounded by people who respect and support you, love yourself.

There are so many scenarios in life, so many ways of being and so many potentials swimming in the sea of possibilities. There are so many rules and so many exceptions to those rules. There are so many examples, stories, truths, paths, practices, traditions and rituals but there is only one map with one word that will guarantee we arrive at our individual and unique destinations…and that is LOVE.

The heart is the map and love is the feeling we get when thinking about or doing those things we are aligned with. Love is the needle of the heart’s compass. When it is aligned with our individual truth, feelings of joy, pleasure, excitement, peace and ease begin to flood the cells of our human bodies.