I Get To Choose. I Get To Decide.

Gone are the days of taking emotional responsibility for all those around me.

Gone are the days where I judge everything as personal.

Gone are the days of expecting my conditions and the people in my life to be or behave in a certain way for me to feel happy.

And gone are the days of me riding that emotional roller coaster, wondering when I wake up if today is going to be a good day or a bad day. ​

Quote by Tharwat Lovett illustrated by a roller coaster image.

​Today I embrace the power that resides in me. Power is the space between stimulus and response. Power is choice. So to embrace my power, I will remind myself in every moment that I have a choice. I get to choose how I respond. I get to choose the narrative. I get to choose how I act. I get to choose the intentions and goals I set for myself each day then make the decisions and take the steps that will lead me toward them.

Power is choice - quote by Tharwat Lovett, MAP.

Today I invite peace into my life. Peace is the release of expectation. Peace is the relinquishing of external control and the embracing of the discipline of internal regulation. Peace grows as I become unconditional by letting go of judgment because judgment of others leads to judgment of self. I get to choose the thoughts I think. I get to direct my own attention. I get to decide how I tell the story. I get to eliminate the contingency between my emotions and my conditions and I get to choose who I invite into my life.

Image of a Ferris wheel and sky, reminding people to seek peace; do so with the help of someone like Tharwat Lovett, MAP, Little Rock, AR.

​Today I will make my number one priority my vibration. My vibe is my job. My vibration is influenced by my emotions. My emotions are regulated by my thoughts. My thoughts are the byproduct of my trained and subjective attention. I will take control of my attention. I will intentionally choose my thoughts. I will build my own self-image by not allowing the people around me to define me. I will not judge myself. I will train my focus on what I do have rather than on what I lack and I will give myself the grace I freely give to others.

Tharwat can help you learn how to raise your vibrational energy; like she says here: "My vibe is my job."
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